Pipeline Entertainment Inc 

                                   Where creative ideas and solutions come together 

Pipeline is a multifaceted entertainment corporation established in 1999. During this time we have been actively involved in the areas of management, live entertainment, consulting, music publishing, licensing and film production

With a broad based knowledge of the industry and alliances with companies in the USA and internationally, Pipeline is able to provide unique services that help set us apart. One of these services is connecting  people’s projects, brands and ideas, with companies that we feel could be a great fit.

 One of the most rewarding experiences in business is bringing people together.
Being able to clearly identify opportunity for growth and expansion, has allowed Pipeline to act as a creative conduit,  by linking these companies and individuals to new relationships, opportunities and new horizons. If getting started is where you are at, Pipeline can help set you on the right course.

Pipeline recognizes, that its clients have built (or are in the process of building) a successful and unique brand.  With this in mind, the goal is to maintain the integrity of the brand, while simultaneously guiding and promoting the brand in new and exciting ways.

Music Publishing is a business Pipeline understands very well. We have worked with award winning songwriters, composers and catalog owners, in helping them to secure and negotiate song placements, publishing deals, synchronization deals and catalog sales.

Our experience in Live Entertainment has made it possible to be involved with some of the finest performers in the world. Among them are Grammy and Oscar winners and multi million selling recording artists. Our relationship with artists, concert promoters, venue owners, managers and agents, has been key to successfully helping and guiding talent and buyers toward their goals.

Pipeline has been Licensing Music to film and television productions since it first began.  We have represented literally thousands of titles and licensed music to the major film studios, television networks and many of the independents.

With today’s broader licensing opportunities growing in leaps and bounds, it has become an even more exciting business to be a part of.

As an original content creator, Pipeline most recently created , joint ventured and executive produced, the feature length documentary16 Bars. (www.16barsthefilm.com). 16 Bars  has recently been the recipient of two film festival awards and is set to be distributed widely in 2020. In addition a 16 Bars soundtrack has also been released.

In this capacity, Pipeline continues to develop, create and produce original content, across various platforms. Currently, Pipeline is developing the project "Next Year In Jerusalem"  (written by the legendary Lionel Bart of "Oliver" fame and hit maker Roger Cook) a musical about former Israeli Prime Minister, Golda Meir.  Pipeline is also in development on a television series which focuses on the justice system, race and the incarcerated.

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